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Technology and healthcare


State-of-the-art technology to improve your health

Revolutionary healthcare today.

Tools for Collaboration With Beyond

We’ve built technology with the purpose of facilitating meaningful conversation and shared decision-making with a Beyond doctor.

Collaborative Functional Summary

With your health data visualized in one place, important insights are easy to understand both in person and while on a Virtual Visit with a Beyond doctor.

How does this improve your care

See your own health data in real-time, focus on the conversation while meeting with a Beyond doctor - no need to take notes,  interpret information like lab results transparently and get summarized key results
Computer Screen - Biocanic.png

Lab test results at your fingertips

Centralize all of your lab reports in a simple and easy to access interface. Beyond gives you access to your labs at your fingertips.

How does this improve your care

Track your biomarkers as they result for key data-informed changes to your health blueprint. 

No more trying to connect the dots

See how one system affects the other and how changes can affect all your systems.

How does this improve your care

No more guessing when it comes to your health. You are more knowledgable about your body, and can make better decisions with actionable data. 

Custom diet and meal plans with Precision Eating

With Beyond's infrastructure and A.I. you can personalize diet and meal plans customized to your specific needs. It provides a highly-personalized food experience.

How does this improve your care

Highly tailored diet and meal plans. No longer will you question or be tempted about what to buy at the store during those weekly grocery trips.

Advanced Tools Beyond Typical Primary Care

We bring advanced testing like biometric monitoring and blood testing into the everyday care setting because we believe in giving you more information and more control

Track any metric you want to measure

Create objectivity and accountability to how your health programs is impacting your health.

How does this improve your care

Reinforce behavior change through accountability. Through health trackers, you can create accountability to making the behavior and lifestyle changes in your program. Objectively quantify what’s happening between sessions so you know if you are on track or not.

Blood Chemistry Machine Analysis

Our Functional Health Report is the result of a detailed algorithmic analysis of your blood test results.
Our analytical and interpretive software analyzes the blood test data for its hidden meaning and reveals the subtle, web-like patterns hidden within the numbers that signal the first stages of functional change in the body.

How does this improve your care

Blood testing is no longer simply a part of disease or injury management. It's a vital component of a comprehensive Functional Medicine work up and plays a vital role in uncovering hidden health trends, comprehensive health promotion and disease prevention.
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