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In pursuit of better 


Get a transformative health analysis, a tailored care program, and dedicated medical team. Our physician-led approach is personalized to your unique medical history, biomarkers, health wearables while focusing on optimizing your cognitive, physical, and metabolic wellness.


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Get the Beyond Precision Newsetter.


Raising the bar in healthcare

Be the best version of you.

At Beyond, we're on a mission to redefine healthcare, focusing on each individual's journey to wellness. Our approach integrates advanced diagnostics and AI insights to create personalized health plans that understand and address your unique biochemistry.


We envision a future where everyone accesses tailored, proactive healthcare, enhancing vitality and longevity. We're committed to empowering you to take control of your health, ensuring a life of optimal well-being and performance.


Your biochemistry decoded.

Uncommonly accurate, uniquely useful.



Specialty Labs

Learn what is happening inside your body and improve with precision.

Unlock the power of precision functional testing to understand your unique biochemistry. We craft personalized health blueprints that eliminate guesswork, focusing on targeted, personalized therapies for peak performance and future health



Wearable Platforms

Intelligent Health at Your Fingertips

Integrate your biometrics with wearable health data for real-time health management. Our system dynamically refines your health blueprint, aligning your lifestyle with your biochemistry for optimal wellness


Health Trackers

Shape Your Health Journey

Use health trackers to measure critical wellness metrics like diet, sleep, exercise, and lifestyle, fostering a data-driven and engage in a personalized Precision Medicine approach, supported by educational resources and health coaching. Take an active role in your health journey, empowered by our expert guidance and tailor-made wellness strategies.


Designed to elevate

No more one-size-fits-all medicine.

Relieving stress

You will lower your cortisol levels and reduce stress.

Better sleep

Get the deep, undisturbed sleep you deserve.

Ideal body composition

Optimizing your body fat percentage will make you feel and look fantastic.

Higher energy levels

You won’t get easily tired anymore.

Improved memory

Support your brain and cognitive functions.