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You are in the right place if you have been told:

 Young Woman Contemplating
  • You've been told "everything is normal," but feel like you could be better than you do right now.

  • You have tried eating healthy, exercising, and tending to your sleep and stress, but still feel like something is missing.

  • You are ready to take action and invest in your self-care, because  it means you'll be a better version of yourself for others.

  • You are tired of Googling your symptoms, and  you want an expert to guide you in holistic medicine. 

  • You are comfortable with online videos and technology, because you understand that  learning continues outside the exam room

  • You are open to learning new ways of thinking and practice new behaviors, because  your cells are listening and will respond accordingly

Application for FREE Discovery Call

I'm thrilled to help you regain your greatness and see what's possible with your health!  This application is for a 15 minute phone Strategy Session with me, Dr. Alyaz Somji.  It's the beginning of the enrollment process for my private membership practice.   


During our 15 minute phone Strategy Session, I'll ask specific questions about your symptoms to see if functional medicine is helpful for your situation.  If we are a good fit to work together, you'll be invited to make an initial appointment.  If we aren't a good fit, no big deal, we can still be friends and maybe you can learn from some of our DIY classes.


My functional medicine private practice is very unique and innovative.  It's less of a "doctor's visit" and more of a "guided partnership" to sequence your steps to better health.  Therefore, I only invite those action-takers that are ready to utilize health coaching, group sessions, private appointments, online classes and videos to help themselves uncover better energy, deeper sleep and improved vitality.


After you complete this form, my assistant will respond within 3-5 business days with the next steps.


Have a wonderful day!

-Dr. Somji

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