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How to find the root-cause?

Rather than matching symptoms with a diagnosis, our in-depth evaluation and advanced lab testing will give us a complete picture of what triggered your specific physiological imbalances that caused your health issues.


That way, we can design a custom-tailored plan to address the root cause instead of managing (or covering up) your symptoms tuning up gut function, the immune system, hormones and even reducing risk for future diseases.

Florida residents only.

Lifestyle Medicine

Addressing the root causes of disease with evidence-based therapies in lifestyle behaviors such as diet, exercise, sleep, social connectivity and stress.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a complete rethinking of health and disease, based on understanding the whole body. It seeks to identify and take care of the root causes of disease. It is a shift from medicine by symptoms to medicine by cause.

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We don't just cover up your symptoms but we address the root cause using a true holistic approach:


  • Environmental inputs. The air you breathe and the water you drink, the particular diet you eat, the quality of the food available to you, your level of physical exercise, and toxic exposures or traumas you have experienced all affect your health.

  • Mind-body elements. Psychological, spiritual, and social factors all can have a profound influence on your health. Considering these areas helps to view your health in the context of you as a whole person, not just your physical symptoms.

  • Genetics. Although individual genes may make you more susceptible to some diseases, your DNA is not an unchanging blueprint for your life. Emerging research shows that your genes may be influenced by everything in your environment, as well as your experiences, attitudes, and beliefs. That means it is possible to change the way genes are activated and expressed.

  • Bio-chemical pathways. We use biochemical pathways to test nutrients, metabolites, microbiome (and much more) to help rebalance your body to a place where it can heal itself.

Through assessment of these underlying causes and triggers of dysfunction, we are able to understand how key processes are affected. These processes are related to larger biological functions, such as:

  • Hormone regulation

  • Immune system function

  • Inflammatory responses

  • Digestion and absorption of nutrients

  • Psychological and spiritual equilibrium

  • Energy production

  • Toxins and how your body rids itself of them

All of these processes are influenced by both environmental factors and your genetic make-up; when they are disturbed or imbalanced, they lead to symptoms, which can lead to disease if effective interventions are not applied.

Tired of being told nothing is wrong?

Restoring your health and hope is possible with our science-based solutions

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