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Uncover the root cause.

Beyond Medicine combines top-rated doctors, functional & lifestyle medicine with advanced lab tests to deeply understand your health today and build plans for your future.

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The Journey

Step 1

Begin your health journey.

Initial Health Panel + Membership

Choose one of our Memberships and Wellness Panels.


  1. Upload recent documents (labs, imaging, physician and specialist notes) to our HIPAA compliant patient portal. ​

  2. Fill out our intake questionnaire(s).

  3. Meet with your care team to learn more about the root-cause of your issues and dive deep into lifestyle changes that help immediately. During your first consultation, we'll discuss your concerns, your long term goals, and health history.

  4. Discuss advanced labs and testing that can uncover even more triggers of your health concerns.

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Step 2

Lab testing.

Order and complete your lab testing.

After the initial visit, your conventional and functional labs are ordered electronically.


You will receive an email to purchase any advanced labs (which will be shipped directly to your home at no charge).


You can choose to have them done at your nearest lab or have an in-home lab draw.

Receive results

Once the results are in, your doctor will meet with you and update your plan to target your health concerns.


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Step 3

Science-based results.

At this stage, we combine your health goals with the lab results and explain what root causes may be blocking your progress. We leverage all this data into creating a completely personalized plan for you that involves lifestyle and nutrition, at times adding in targeted top quality supplements.


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Step 4

See & feel your progress.

Feel improvements & achieve your goals.

By following your personalized care plan and staying in touch with your  care team, you will start seeing real results and begin to achieve your short-term health goals. Keep striving for progress!

On going personalization

Follow up visits to ensure your plan is meeting your needs and reaching the goals you desire.

Continuous support.

We take pride in being a support team for you. That's why we offer unlimited secure messaging, giving you a direct connection to your care team.

Video Call

Tired of being told nothing is wrong?

Restoring your health and hope is possible with our science-based solutions

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