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Healthspan + Lifespan Testing

Reduce the risk of chronic diseases to increase healthspan and reduce the pace of aging to enhance lifespan

What is your




What is TruAge™

TruAge™ is the most accurate, revolutionary, biological age predictor. Biological age is a measurement of your age, based on various biomarkers. Using state-of-the-art technology and a powerful algorithm, we are able to look at specific locations on your DNA, allowing us to predict your biological age!

How can I Determine my Biological Age?

Everyone knows their chronological age. Chronological age is the number of candles that are on top of your cake and the birthdays you celebrate (or sometimes don’t!). However, developments in science have created another measurement of age called biologic or epigenetic age. Unlike chronological age, this measurement of age is based on years of statistical research and provides much more relevant health information. It can tell us how healthy you are and even when you might pass away. TruAge™ uses biomarkers on your DNA called methylation.

All you have to do is send us a small blood sample!

Your biological age is more accurate at predicting health span (how healthy you are) and lifespan (how long you will live) than any previous molecular biomarker, and can be correlated to almost any health factor such as physical fitness, socioeconomic status, and drug use history. Ideally, everyone would want their biological age to be less than their chronological age. This means that you are living a lifestyle that is healthy and will help you stay free of sickness and disease longer! If you could reverse your risk of age-related disease and avoid sickness, wouldn’t you want to know how?

Our platform uses data to make user information more tangible and actionable. Our Data and Algorithmic Engines are powered by experts in medicine, science and technology, who continually update and improve it using the latest research and bioinformatic analysis. These Engines create personalized recommendations for nutrition, supplements, fitness, and lifestyle interventions for each individual user by using relevant information from scientific literature.

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Engines propel your longevity

Feedback to improve your roadmap based on data. The longer you stay, the more accurate it becomes.

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